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Jukebox Baby is the result of plastic producer, Bianca Bastone’s mission to obtain the pure sound of genuine plastic.
The band has been created with patented Instant-Band® technology by Signora Bastone where auditions and in-depth personality tests automatically generate a flawless composition of musical individuals.

Jukebox Baby is:

Nini Matessi (Alkyd, vocals, acrylite)
Rock Steady (Polystyrene, drums)
Erling X (Diethylhexylphthalat, guitar, digitals)
Bianca Bastone (PVC, static electricity, nylon)

On the debut release “No Imitation - It's Real Plastic!” from 2004, the public experienced the result for the first time: A convincing mix of 80’s synth, edgy feminine vocals and rock guitar, creating electro rock that proves music can move swiftly from the laboratory to the dance floor.

Signora Bastone’s product development sizzles and steams. Investigate the result of experiments carried out at the crossroads of rock and plastic in Jukebox Baby’s newly launched sound.